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Servidor Cloud
Servidor Cloud

Customise your Cloud Server

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Advantages of Cloud Servers

Servidor escalable

Scalable server

Our cloud servers grow with your business, adapting to suit your requirements at all times with hot-add resize.

Migracion gratuita


We use SSD in our virtual servers which provide the best possible performance, speed and security.

Alta disponibilidad

High availability server

If there are any changes to your server's hardware it will automatically be moved to another machine, in a matter of seconds!

Maximo rendimiento

Automated patching and clean malware

Patch safely and automatically your sites with our new service. Say goodbye to vulnerabilities and malware. Contac us.

Managed Cloud Server

If you don’t want to concern yourself with system issues, opt for our managed cloud server and enjoy total peace of mind. You get to focus on your business and we will make sure that everything is working as it should.

Additional services for cloud servers

Plesk unlimited domains Terms and conditions

Benefits of signing up for an Infortelecom cloud server

Technical support

Our technical experts are highly qualified and have years of experience and virtualization certification.

99.85 % Availability

We offer an SLA at almost 100 % and in the event of non-compliance we will compensate up to 100 %.

Secure infrastructure

Our data center is protected by firewall systems (IDS/IPS/DDoS), load balancing and redundancy.

Free guarantee and setup

Configure your cloud server with no setup fee. And if after 15 days you are not satisfied we will give you your money back.

Dedicated data center

We have our own data center in Spain. Modern data center with fully redundant connectivity and power supplies.

Over 20 years' experience

We have been providing housing and web hosting since 1996, and have always adopted the latest available technologies .

Frequently asked questions about Cloud Servers

Cloud servers or cloud computing are flexible solutions based on virtualization . Our cloud infrastructure is made up of multiple physical servers or hardware nodes in clusters, which are used to deploy software or a hypervisor which is used for the virtualization of the platform .

Our infrastructure allows us to create customised servers to suit the requirements of each customer and we ensure that the contracted resources are guaranteed for each project . We provide fully scalable solutions, which means you can resize the server according to your specific requirements .

What's more, having multiple nodes means we can provide high availability. Our technology is able to detect if one of the nodes has a hardware fault, and if this happens all the virtual machines are moved using hot migration to another functioning node; this means that we minimize the impact on availability and limit potential service failures to a matter of seconds.

This solution is aimed at small and medium sized businesses with moderate volumes of data, programmers and large or medium sized online projects. It is for users who need customised and highly scalable solutions from a latest generation platform with maximum performance.

Both solutions are built using the same technology and infrastructure, however with cloud server or virtual server we provide a range of packaged or predefined solutions, whereas with cloud builder you get a solution which can be fully customised to suit each customer or project.

The difference is virtualization; signing up for a dedicated server you are signing up for a physical machine, whereas signing up for a cloud server means you are signing up for particular resources on a platform or cloud infrastructure, which means you get to enjoy the related benefits such as high availability, the best possible performance, scalability and reliability.

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