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Servidor Dedicado

Benefits of Dedicated Servers

Alta gratuita

Free sign up

Sign up for a dedicated server for one year or subscribe to an annual permanent contract and get installation completely free of charge..


99.85 % SLA

We offer almost 100 % guaranteed availability and in the event of non-compliance we will compensate up to 100 %.


Dedicated data center

We have our own data center in Valencia. Modern data center with fully redundant connectivity and power supplies.

Maximo rendimiento

Latest technology

Our dedicated servers offer maximum performance and the best possible features, what's more we are constantly upgrading .

Empresa española

Over 20 years' experience

We have been providing housing and web hosting since 1996, and have always adopted the latest available technologies.

Garantia de hardware

Hardware guarantees

All server hardware replacements or repairs are included in the service at no extra cost.

Managed Dedicated Server

If you don’t want to concern yourself with system issues, opt for our managed dedicated server and enjoy total peace of mind. You get to focus on your business and we will make sure that everything is working as it should.

Additional services for dedicated servers

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Frequently asked questions about Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server is a physical machine which is resource for your exclusive use only and not shared with any other users. This means that your project gets exclusive use of all the power provided by the server.

Both options come with guaranteed services and both have their advantages, for example:

  • Virtual servers have guaranteed resources but share a physical machine with other customers, whereas for dedicated servers the user has exclusive use of the machine allocated to them. In the case of dedicated servers the customer has full and exclusive control of the machine and can therefore configure it to suit them.
  • The main advantage of virtual servers is their scalability, the initial investment needed is low meaning that resources can be progressively and instantly increased as required. Other advantages include high availability, increased security and remote management.

As with many things, it all depends on your individual requirements and projects:

  • If you are starting out, have a young venture or are constantly growing you should sign up for a virtual server o auna de nuestras cloud solutions.
  • If you have a large and established project, you need high-volume resources or greater control over resources you should sign up for a dedicated server.

Technical elements should be considered when choosing a dedicated server which adapts to your requirements; processor, RAM, hard drive, traffic, transfer, etc.

Choosing a dedicated server depends on your project requirements (RAM needed for correct function, disk space needed, etc.) and your available budget.

The type of operating system used needs to be taken into account, as this is directly related to the hosting of the application or project; if it uses an SQL database or .NET applications you need a Windows license, if not then you can choose Linux distribution which is much better suited.

Infortelecom recommends that you sign up for extras, such as security copies, but it all depends on your requirements:

  • Control panel: for user-friendly comprehensive management of your websites and applications.
  • IP addresses: provides a better DNS service, better positioning, more security, etc.
  • Backup: essential to protect your data against potential losses.
  • Administration: perfect for those who do not have experience of systems administration or who do not want to spend time dealing with those kinds of tasks.
  • Firewall + antispam: improve the security of your dedicated server and protect against any potential external attacks.

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